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Super Friends XTREME!
The Story of SFX
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The Story of SFX

         Once upon a time there was a group of friends just as ordinary as can be. The friends enjoyed hanging out with each other and doing wonderful activities with each other like watching movies and …………uh ……….watching more movies but anyways I’m getting off the subject. One day after watching a wondrous movie filled with pixies and cheetoes the friends decide to go to K-mart and explore the treasures of the forbidden and lost (grab machine). While they were crowded around the machine a strange pale faced man with a bizarre smile on his face was stealing something. Not looking ahead he slammed into the SFX. The container the man was stealing flew in the air. As the container flew up in the air the lid opened as it plummeted back down to the SFX and the strange man. They were all covered in a strange blue glowing liquid that came out of the container. The man was dazed but able to escape the impenetrable K-mart security. The SFX started to feel weird. One of the friends named Casey was dizzy and wondered off somewhere until he got lost. Ryan another one of the friends looked at the blue liquid and thought it was PowerAde and drank some of it. Ryan muttered,” Feeling tingly……..muscles…on…fire.” Ryan started to change until he was a single, fat, bald, middle aged man. The friends started staring at him and said,” Well……..what happened…… you feel different.” Ryan,” well not really……” then all of a sudden a woman walking around with cheese blocks on a tray yelled,” FREE CHEESE….COME GET YOUR FREE CHEESE BLOCKS.” Then Ryan sprinted for the cheese blocks saying,” FREAKIN’ AWESOME!!!!” Everyone stared at each other from the weird behavior. Then the rest of the friends started feeling weird themselves. Jay started glowing green and ran to the sporting goods. He came back dressed up like Robin Hood and had a bow and arrow set, but it was child safe approved. Everyone wondered why he was glowing green and later they found out it was because of severe radiation exposure. Jay has 10 months to live. Trey grew into a huge troll with unbeatable strength but he wore pirate clothes for some reason. Jay asked why he was wearing pirate garments and Trey responded by saying,” ARGH!!!” Dustin grew blue fur all over his body sprouted a little blue tail. Dustin screamed in fear,” OH NO IM A SMURF!!!!!” until he noticed he wasn’t smaller than every one. They were all gifted with magnificent powers and………. Hey wait what about Matt. Matt was standing outside of the chemical spill and shrugged his shoulders. Everyone thought that was fine though, so a super hero team was born. While the super friends extreme were celebrating their new powers there was someone else who encountered the spill too …STEVE! After Steve stumbled out of k-mart he was furious about the friends getting in his way and he traveled to a place where he could recover from the spill. Well, well, well looks like the Super friends Xtreme have an adversary to deal with. Three weeks later a bank is being robbed. Crook, “Hand over the money pal and speed it up!” The teller nervously handed over the money until…. A mysterious voice said, “Don’t you think its time to go to bed?” The Crook not facing the mysterious voice says, “What? What are you talking about its 12 o’clock in the middle of the day?” As he turns around he notices who is talking to him. “AAAAHHHHHH!!!! The Super Friends Xtreme!” Dustin, “That’s right. Now why don’t you just be a good boy and go to bed.” The Crook stares at him like he’s stupid and tries to make a getaway. Dustin says in a heroic voice, “Super Friends Xtreme go get him.” Dustin then disappears in a poof of smoke and reappears being stuck inside of the bank’s vault. They realized Dustin can transport himself in an instant, but he has a depth perception problem. Everyone else scrambled to get the criminal. Jay got his arrows out and started launching them at the crook. All the arrows did was annoy the criminal. Ryan was running with them but he was slowing down until he stopped out of breath. Ryan, “Go on without me ill catch up with…..” before he could finish he saw a sign that said free movie rentals. So he quit on the chase. Trey tried to screamed,” Argh!!!” at the criminal but all it did was frighten a small child with her mom. The over protective mother started beating trey with her purse to make him feel bad for his actions. Matt was……. Well Matt just waited for them back at the bank. Leaving just Jay and Casey, but Jay was running by himself. Jay questioned, “Where’s Casey?” The criminal wasn’t watching where he was going and slammed right into Casey. Casey said, “Whoops sorry.” and shuffled into the some woods nearby slowly like no one could see him and got himself lost. The day was saved and the criminal was taken into custody. The super friends extreme were celebrating their victory in the banks parking lot when all of a sudden they saw Steve standing in the parking lot staring at them. Ryan said,” Hey who’s the freak I mean really who stands out in the middle of the parking lot and wears a lame mask. What is it like 90 degrees out here?!” Steve then silenced Ryan by throwing a butter finger in busy traffic. Ryan ran to the butter finger talking to himself saying,” Freakin’ awesome…. How many times do you get a free butter finger? They have to be over a good two dollars AAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!” Ryan was then hit by an ongoing school bus. Dustin then realizes how Steve knows them. Dustin said,” You’re the guy who was stealing the chemical ooze from k-mart weren’t you?” Steve responded, “Yes, I am and I have come to bring your super hero days to an end.” Steve then pulls his mask up high enough to where they can see his mouth. Other than noticing all the zits he had on his chin they saw him stick out his tongue. Then an exact replica of Steve appeared next to him then another and another until they surrounded by hundreds of Steve’s. Dustin yelled out,” Super Friends Xtreme go get him!!!” Everyone scrambled. Jay was trying to get a good shot. He found one and hit one of the Steve’s in the eye. “OUCH!!!! Man, that hurt you jerk I can’t believe you hit me in the eye. Aren’t those child safe approved?” Although Jay was feeling bad for his actions, he was dog piled by ten Steve’s. Trey was swinging his arms around in a frenzy to try and hit the Steve’s. Then Trey noticed an old lady in the distance. He picked up the decrepit woman and started swinging her around like a baseball bat. It didn’t help clear out the Steve’s since the old woman was beating him with her purse. Dustin was poofing back and forth trying to dodge the Steve’s until Trey hit him with Blanche look-a-like off of the Golden Girls. Everyone was cornered except Casey. *shows Casey in the middle of a large crowd whistling*. We’ll that just leaves Matt. Matt walked up behind Steve and kicked him in the leg, making all the Steve’s disappear. The injured Steve ran off yelling,” We’ll meet again Super Friends Xtreme!” Everyone crowded around each other and laughed for no apparent reason and a bear was with them holding its stomach laughing with them. Everyone was injured except Casey. Ryan survived but broke every bone in his body and the bear well that bear just wont leave. Ha ha ha ha!!!


     THE END