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Super Friends XTREME!
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The Enemy's Lair
The Enemy's Lair

You are now in Steve's Lair where he and others like him lay for no apparent reason waiting to strike at the unknown!  What could he be up too?  I mean look at him!  He's up to something............................he is....................just wait you'll see!!



The Briceville Gang

The Leader Skeeter-Bill

Nick the Tick

         The Briceville Gang are a bunch of dangerous guys.  Their leader is a former child star known as Skeeter-Bill.  You may remember him from the hit early 90's TV show "Doug."  Soon after the show ended Skeeter vanished.  After 5 years of searching for a job Skeeter was offered a position at a powerplant in Briceville, TN.  There he was the janitor.  During his hours of cleaning the restrooms he would talk to the local school kids as they were on their way home.  He became friends with this 12 year old boy named Nick.  Skeeter and Nick became great friends.  One day Nick asked Skeeter if he could take a tour into the powerplant.  Skeeter said yes even though he was only a janitor and was not even allowed into most of the rooms.  As they walked down the hallways they looked over the safety rails and saw all kinds of green goop in large containers.  Nick looked at a sign that read, "WARNING!  Do not jump over Safety Rails!!"  Not knowing what this meant Nick joyfully jumped over the safety rail and landed into one of the containers of green goop.  As Skeeter leaned over the rail to try and catch Nick a large tick that was latched onto Skeeter's head fell into the same green goop container that Nick had fallen into.  Somehow the 12 year old boy Nick and the tick combined their DNA and formed a disgusting monster known simply as, "Nick the Tick."  Skeeter then using Nick the Tick's new powers and monsterous strength took over the city of Briceville, TN and formed the Briceville Gang.  Skeeter then changed his name to Skeeter-Bill to hopefully produce terror into anyone who heard his new name.  This failed but the Gang still controls Briceville and some say if you get in a fight with one member of the Briceville Gang then you'll be in a fight with all of Briceville!!
(This story is totally fictional and is in no-way a depiction of actual events or people.  All names and characters are totally fictional and do not depict actual people.)

Frustration at it's Best!


      Yes, the Steak and Shake in Powell, TN is famous for it's steakburgers....but, it's also famous for EVIL!!  Nah, not really but man they are SLOW!!   One night we went there with some church people and they took our order and ordered it on separate tickets then piddled around like they had nothing to do.  Noone was there and they had plenty of help.  However, they would rather mock us for telling them to hurry.  They stood behind the drink machine right where we could see them and made faces and mocking noises.  We had to complain like 7 times!!  When we finally got our food it was cold and sick.  Then when we went to pay they fought over who had to ring us up.  Then they said, "Could you separate this ticket for us?"  And it had over 75 different foods on it all mixed up!  We didn't know who had what!  We told her she should have separated it herself and when the manager heard us she said, "Ya know, I'll just take care of this you can go."  Then our waitress was all, "Well, I told them....that...."  Then the manager just said, "Go away..."   When we got out of there it was 10:30 PM and we went in about 7:30 PM!!  That's no joke!!  Don't ever eat at the Steak and Shake in Powell, TN!!!!  
(This has been a comment made by Dustin and is in no way a statement involving any of the other SFX members.  This is one person describing a horrible night at a disgusting resturant and does not in any way talk down to the Steak and Shake Franchise but however, it does talk down to the one in Powell, TN.)

"It'za' Me Mario!!"


    What ever happend to Saddam?  Well, soon after he was discovered in the hole in Iraq, he bribed President Bush to let him go.  Soon, after he escaped Washington and went to HollyWood to fulfill his dreams.  He rented out an apartment from a strange old school janitor named George who was a female.  One night Saddam was sitting on the couch eating the Heinz green ketchup on crackers and discovered a VHS cassette laying on the ground.  It was the Super Mario Bros. Movie.  He poped it in and watched it 27 times!!  He became upsessed!  "I must learn how take this energy produced by Mario and bottle it up and make me billions!!"  Saddam went to a low-time producer and got him to buy Saddam's movie title, "My Life is Teleporting Through Pipes."  It's a story of a man who is sucked into a pipe while using the bathroom and get's super powers that allow him to be the best plumber ever who can smash blocks with his head and jump really high.  Saddam's movie made billions!!  He became the most successful HollyWood producer ever!!  However, during one of his movie screenings he was struck by lightning and he became Super Saddam!!  He had basically no powers except he has a really bad Mario hat and he can jump high and smash things with his head.  Saddam is in the process of taking over the sewers then the WORLD!!!!

The Butterfly SideEffect


           Sure, going back in time to change your life by reading a notebook you wrote through your childhood sounds great...but did anyone ever think about what might happen if the notebook fell into the wrong hands?!!  Well, when little Miss Ashton Kutcher went back in time and killed that man he ended up going to prison.  He badly needed his childhood notebooks to escape his unsanitary doom.  He got his mom to bring them by the prison for him.  "Thank Goodness", thought Ashton.  However, as Ashton made his way back to his cell with his notebooks some of his prison buddies decided to play some Monkey in the Middle with Ashton.  Big Al grabbed one of his notebooks and said, "Ohh..what's wrong you big baby need to write down your grocery list?!"  Noone thinking this was a funny one-liner, they all just stared deep into the abyss at Big Al making him feel very uncomfortable.  Then Big Al said, "Here Curly Jackson!!"  Curly Jackson caught the notebooks with Ashton jumping to catch them.  "Ohh..what's wrong little baby?!  Need your little girly notebooks?!  Oooh, wonder what's in it?!  I bet it's got all kinds of girly stuff like ponies, purple dresses, and liver!  As Curly slipped into a state of dispare from realizing he said "liver" when he meant to say "teacups,"  he noticed that it would be funny to read Ashton's notebooks outloud.  "NO!!!" said Ashton.  "Let's see, One day Me and Mrs. McCloud were sitting at the table eating Crumpets and..AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!"  Just then Curly Jackson was transported into the past where he realized he was in a room with an old lady and crumpets.  "Where am I?" said Curly.  "Time for some lovin' that's where your at!!  Uh..hoo..hoo..ho!!"  said, Mrs. McCloud.  "NOOOOOOOO!!" 
         This is one of the Butterfly side-effects.  Never by any circumstance let anyone read your magical teleporting notebooks that allow you to go back into the past!!  Poor...Poor...Poor....Curly............

"It's GOODA!!!"


(Story coming soon by Ryan)

The Real Spider-Man


(Story coming soon by Dustin)